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XC to re-open with limited number from Friday 24th may



Can I just turn up and pay on the day? No, you will be asked to leave if you haven't pre-booked online with the CORRECT number of horses. No excuses, no exceptions.

I need to cancel my booking You can cancel your XC booking by logging into your account up to 1 hour before the time slot. Arena bookings need 24 hours notice. You will receive a credit showing in your account rather than a refund. You will be able to use this against booking any of the facilities up to 6 months from the date of cancellation.

We're running late.....for XC it's OK to be a little late (or early!), but for the other facilities you can either book a later slot (if available) or accept you may have less time than planned if someone has booked immediately following you. Please do not ask them to wait as this may impact their session.

Do I need to sign in when I come? No, we rely on a certain amount of trust but we also make regular checks in the lorry park to make sure people have booked in with the correct number of horses.

Can I make a booking on my mobile? Yes, our booking site is very mobile friendly and fully responsive. You can even amend your booking easily from your mobile and view your bookings. However, make sure you have a good connection.

I need to change the time of my booking Log in to your account and alongside your bookings list click on Amend/Cancel where you can adjust the time using the drop down arrows (bearing in mind this can only be up until the next 'taken' booking). However to change days you will need to cancel and re-book.

I need to change the day of my booking Log in to your account and cancel your booking, then re-book on the day you want to come.

I need to change the number of horses I've booked Do the above and the drop down allows you to easily amend the number of horses. Our system saves your card details so you don't need to re-enter them for amending or re-booking. It's quick and easy for you.

I'm bringing lots of horses and not sure what facilities I will need You will need to book before you arrive to ensure you are not turned away & the facilities are available for you.

I haven't got internet access, can I just turn up No, you must book before you come otherwise you may be turned away during one of our frequent lorry park checks

I want to book a group but don't know how many will come We have added a special 'group organiser' feature to allow you to make provisional bookings without paying. Apply for special access here


I've forgotten my password Enter your email address in the log in and ask to reset your password. An email with instructions for re-setting your password will automatically instantly be generated.


I'm not sure if I've paid for my booking If you have received an email confirmation of your booking it means you have paid. You cannot make a booking without paying. For repeat bookings, money is automatically taken from the card you have registered with once you click 'Book now'

It works on my laptop but not on my mobile or vice versa Ensure cookies are enabled on all devices as these allow details such as passwords to be recalled. Disabling of cookies may also interfere with other features on our site and you may be unable to book. If still not sorted try a different browser (nb refrain from Internet explorer!)

Can I pay by cheque? No, we no longer accept cheques. All booking must be made in advance online.

Can I book online on arrival? No, you must book and pay online before you come.


When do you open the grass XC in the Spring? We aim to open whenever ground conditions allow. In early Spring this means evaluating daily and keeping an eye on the website which may update daily, even hourly. If you have booked, it will generally mean you can come. We will contact you in exceptional circumstances.

When you do close the grass XC in Autumn? It closes around mid November, subject to ground conditions and switches over to the Winter track.

What's the earliest / latest time I can book? Refer to the booking calendar as these may vary depending on the time of year and day of the week.


How many jumps are there and what level? Approximately 30 fences, mostly BE100 to BE Novice level, 11 or 12 fences at BE80/90 level. There is one open ditch with a narrow moveable & adjustable fence either side.

Is it a gallop No! The Loop is on undulating ground and we are experimenting with the depth of the surface, however, it is possible to canter steadily round in a continuous loop avoiding the jumps.